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Subliminal Advertising

Subliminal advertising is a college lecture presented by William Cane. The show is also known as "Sex in Advertising" since there is so much sexual imagery in it. The show lasts 55 minutes and is a proven crowd pleaser. We begin with a PowerPoint slide presentation illustrating how advertisers hide erotic images in the backgrounds of ads. We cover many different types of ads, including cigarette and alcohol ads and other products. We graphically demonstrate how advertisers embed sex, death, and religious imagery in advertisements.

Sex in Advertising

The reason the show is also known as "Sex in Advertising" is because most of the embedded images and words are sexual. The conscious mind does not perceive them, but when we stop and look and point them out, the audience goes "Ooo!" and "Ahh!" and they laugh and sometimes they even get frightened at what they see.

Death Imagery

We explain why advertisers hide death images in liquor and cigarette ads.

Religious Symbols

Religious symbols are also used in many ads. We show how they are used in selling cigarettes.

Subliminal Video

This is a sample clip of the subliminal advertising show presented at colleges and universities.